Keep Gums Healthy with Oral B ActivRepair + Review

Did you know that healthy gums + enamel is equally as important as keeping your teeth healthy? We usually care for our teeth including aesthetically however we least give importance to gums.

Having healthy gums and enamel can actually help you be overall healthy! Did you know that gum disease in serious cases may lead to a risk of heart disease? Other health issues related to gum disease are pneumonia, stress, and fatigue. Fact: Nearly 1 in 2 Filipinos suffer from Gum disease.

Oral B recently sent me their ActivRepair Gum and Enamel toothpaste to try and I was surprised how clean my mouth felt after using this toothpaste. I never thought about the fact that regular toothpaste on the market actually only cleans teeth and this is why plaque builds up easily.

Oral B ActivRepair Technology is proven to work at the gum line to revitalize the gums and it defends teeth against acid erosion and helps restore weakened enamel. Not only does it clean your teeth but can help you get better and healthier gums with 2 weeks of continued use.

I love how light the paste is, and it's actually easy to rinse (did you know, that you should rinse your mouth with less water after brushing?). I love the fact that it does not have that heavy mint taste overall.

You need to replace your toothpaste today! Go on, chuck that old toothpaste you have and start investing in caring for your gums too!

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