What Mother's Day Means To Me

Being a mother has such a significant meaning to me. To become a mum, I had to experience a lot of things and go through many challenges. 

I am currently a mum to 2 kids - a daughter and a son who was diagnosed with Autism. When I was younger, I remember that a dream of mine was to have 1 daughter and 1 son - that surely came true for me and I can say, I have contentment but I have a hole in my heart. 

This hole belongs to the son I lost in 2005. It's been 14 years since then but the pain is still current and do not think I will ever have this hole filled. Now, I want to be able to be a better mum and parent than I was with my late son. I always ask, "Am I doing it right?", "Does my daughter hate me?", "Does my son, know who I am?"

Whenever Mother's Day comes around, I reflect on that thought of what kind of mother I am. But right now, as long as they are happy and healthy - I will promise to lighten up on how I parent them both. I can tell that whenever I am around, they feel safe because I am able to calm them down if they are scared or if they upset. So, I must be doing something right. 

I will always look forward to this day better than my birthday because it reminds me that I in my world, I am winning at motherhood and I have 2 kids showing me that I am. 

Cheers to you mum, you are doing it right!

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