How to Make Your Home Safe and Healthy for Your Pet

Pet owners need to pay special attention to ensure that their pets will be safe and healthy in their homes. Here are some things that every pet owner should bear in mind about keeping their pets healthy.

Be Careful About Cleaning Products

Some cleaning products could be harmful to your pets. If you have your home professionally cleaned, choose a service provider who uses all-natural products such as Fresh Air Cleaning. When you clean any part of yourself, be careful about using harsh chemicals in any area where your pet will be walking. If you have a cat who likes to drink from your faucet or includes the bathroom in his or her nightly patrol area, don’t use bleaches or toxic scouring products. 

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Exterminate Carefully

Some types of extermination treatments could be harmful to your pets. If you’re using a product yourself, read the label thoroughly to find out if it’s safe to be used around pets. If you’re getting help from exterminators, confirm that their treatment will not be dangerous for your pets.

Pay Attention to Small Items Your Pet Might Try to Swallow

You might be surprised at what small items in your home can present a risk to your pets. Toys, caps, string, and yarn, and even coins can cause a choking hazard or even find their way into your pet’s stomach and cause a medical emergency. If you see something small on your floor, don’t assume that your pet won’t be interested in it simply because it isn’t edible.

Make Sure You Don’t Have Plants That Could Be Dangerous

Some household plants can be toxic to pets. Before you put a new plant inside of your home, make sure that it isn’t poisonous. Even if your pet hasn’t shown any interest in plants before, he or she may be intrigued by the smell of a new plant and want to chew on it for investigative purposes. 

Put a Lid on Your Garbage

Even if you’ve told your dog to stay out of the garbage, fascinating scents and curiosity may make the garbage irresistible. There could be food items or non-food items in the garbage that would be very harmful if swallowed. You should use trash cans with a step-on lid so your dog can’t get at the trash contents.
Be conscientious about common household hazards. Your pet is counting on you to provide a safe and healthy home. 

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