Making Your Wedding Smaller and More Special

Getting married should be the happiest day of your life, and sometimes that does mean throwing a huge party, but not always. Not everyone loves a huge extravagant affair, and not everyone can really afford to have one. Weddings have become an industry in and of themselves, driving up costs and creating extra expenses. Sometimes it's better to focus on a small wedding that's truly special.

Photo by Jeremy Wong from Pexels

Quality Over Quantity

Quality over quantity should be your motto. A classy Connecticut wedding band is going to be better than a second-rate DJ with a million songs in his phone and no understanding of who you are. A cake from a local boutique might not feed a hundred guests, but it will be delicious and well worth the small extra expenses. Anyway, you don't need a hundred guests, you only need the best guests, the ones who mean the most to you. 

Focus on Family

A wedding is about family. That doesn't have to mean inviting every second cousin you've never spoken to before. It doesn't even have to mean inviting close relatives, if they haven't behaved like family to you. A family can be found in the friends you make, and it can be forged anew with an invitation to someone you used to be close to but have since lost touch with. The people who matter, the ones who are important to you, should be there. 

Moments of Magic

Instead of focusing on getting the best and the biggest, spend your time, energy and money creating moments of magic in the small things: the perfect words, the perfect dress, the perfect group or the perfect setting. A wedding is a place to make memories, so make sure that your wedding is memorable for the right reasons. You want to remember the look in your spouse's eyes when you exchanged vows, not how expensive the venue was and how much time you wasted bargaining about pointless details. 
If you want a big, overdone wedding with a million guests and three dance floors, you should absolutely go for it. However, if you can't or don't want to, just remember that your wedding isn't really about how many people you can invite or how long the dancing goes on. It's about you, your spouse, and the family you're going to build together. A small, focused wedding can have more meaning, more impact, and make better memories than a big extravagant affair

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