Why I Turned Into A Plantita and Why You Should Too!

This Covid pandemic has brought about so many new hobbies, business ideas and longing for new companions, like pets. We can definitely see the boom of the plant industry whether vegetables, herbs or ornamental. We can see people post on social media their growing collection where before, they would only have a plastic version of flowers sitting on their dining table. 

So, what happened here? Why is the demand so high? Being cooped up in your home for months on end would most likely have us yearning for the outdoors and that lessened human interaction may leave some with acute anxiety. Plants give off phytoncides, which protect them from insects and rotting, but are actually beneficial to humans, according to The New York Times.  

The chemicals that plants omit help us reduce stress. Less stress, healthier immune system, less likely chance of getting sick. 

I kicked off my Plantita Journey in January when I renovated our roof deck from a storage area to a patch of green for the kids, unbelievably timely since quarantine hit and it has been the source for my kids to be able to enjoy the outdoors. I started off with 4 small Mayana plants, then herbs, then snake plants, then indoor plants and my collection is still growing! 

I have found a happy sanctuary in being surrounded by plants and this is even if I have never have had a "green thumb", it's amazing how the plants I have cared for have grown and produced vegetables. Okay, so it wasn't ever perfect, as I have had a few die along the way but I have also learned how to propagate which lessens the blow of losing a plant. 

If you haven't started the plantita or plantito journey yet, I am encouraging you - not just for your health but also for you sanity - don't be discouraged to start as there are so many Facebook groups that you can join also to support your new found journey as a plant parent. 

Just want to share a few tips based on my experience of joining this journey: 

1. Choose plants based on the space you will place them and your behavior - is your place well lit or dark, cramped or spacious, do you have time to give care or need something that you can leave un-watered for days? This is very important as their are plants that need extra care while there are others that thrive on neglect. 

2. Be careful in choosing plants if you have kids or pets. some plants can be toxic if consumed, you know that kids and pets love to experiment. Make sure you check and research on the plant you purchase to help you decide if you can keep it indoors or outdoors. 

3. Stop watering the plant! Not all plants need to be watered every single day - the best tip for me is to water if the soil is dry when I dip my finger or when the leaves look droopy. 

4. Use rain water, rice washed water, water from your laundry or' if you are feeling generous, mineral water instead of direct water from the tap as the chlorine will harm you plant. 

Here is a bonus tip which has done wonders for my plants recently, after using this I have had an abundance of new leaves, growth and vegetables. Using MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) or your home supply of vetsin as a fertilizer. Take one teaspoon of MSG and mix in one gallon of water (rain water or water that you have kept for at least a day). Water your plants with this mixture every 2 weeks. you'll love the results after! 

Do you have any tips to share? I would also love to hear your plantita or plantito journey. 

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