DIY Outdoor Tent

I am so into DIY and I think that being in this pandamic has increased that interest. Thank God, for Pinterest that I get my ideas on how to decorate parts of the house.

My most recent project was our neglected roof deck which I turned into a garden. Now, I decided I wanted a tent outdoors not only as a nook but also a place for my daughter's birthday celebration. Given that we avoid taking the kids out, I wanted to make sure she would feel that she has a nice celebration even just for us.

I then, thought of either a mini tree house but we don't have a tree and then the next best thing would be a tent. So, behold Pinterest I found a ton of DIY tents and started to visualize how it would work for us and our small space. We were also inspired by a local hole-in-the-wall restaurant with their tents for customers to eat in. 

At the start of the year, we made a wood pallette chair but never got to fully utilize it, so it was perfect to convert it to the base of the tent. 

We then purchased seven 1x3 lumber. Planks for the frame. My husband and I both have no carpentry background except from what I learned in Carpentry class in the UK. With his strength and my vision we got to work on putting the frame together. 

We opted for a simple frame but made sure to secure it and painted it to protect from the weather. 

Next was the material to serve as the covering, initially we wanted to go with plastic canvass but it ended up to be outside of our budget range and I decided to opt for RipStop fabric which is a thick water repellent fabric. Just my luck, my sewing machine broke down and I had to hand stitch the whole thing. 

I did the standard running stitch for the sides and the extra fabric to cover the ends or the Macramé rope I repurposed to serve as the tie for the fabric to the frame. 

After 3 days of stitching, finally I could cover the frame and tie down the fabric. I bought solar led lights to give a cozy feel and only wrapped it inside the tent, threw a blanket on top of the palette and our well loved floor pillows. 

The kids loved and my husband was happy of the work we did. Hope this inspires you to build one too. 

What DIY projects have you be working on? 

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