Smart Money Moves for Any Age

Nearly one-third of people age 55 and over have no retirement savings, per the U.S. Government Accountability Office, meaning no IRA or 401K or pension. Many folks are relying on Social Security, with some seniors relying on it for 30% to 90% of their income. Will that be enough to retire on? Most people cannot rely on just Social Security for comfortable living. Improve your golden years with a few smart investment strategies now. 

Own a Home
Savings accounts are often not a good return on your investment, with interest rates lower than 2%, at best. However, buying a home, even if there's debt associated with it in terms of a mortgage, can provide a nice return on investment upward of 10%. Whether that home is a house, a condo or co-op, it's possible that investing in your dwelling can provide a little extra income when you need it for retirement planning. Consider talking to a financial advisor Wyckoff NJ to make a plan.

Invest in Yourself
It can seem hard to squirrel away any extra money when every dime is going toward bills. Sometimes the best money move is getting a better-paying job, but to do that may require better skills. If there's an employable skill that can be developed by earning a degree or taking online classes, it's worth it. That training may help bridge any knowledge gaps so that you will be prepared when new opportunities surface. 

Get a Side Hustle 
Multiple streams of income are important in this day and age. Whatever your skills, there may be a side hustle for that. Moonlighting as a writer, coder, customer service agent, stocker, Uber driver, or hostess, for example, can bring in that extra bit to save for later. 

The best plan for your future is to work hard now. Whatever your age, it's time to start thinking ahead. 

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