How I Started My Coffee Stand Business

I do not know what I would do without coffee - funny thing, is that I cannot tolerate caffeine since I have hyperacidity and panic attacks. But I really love the aroma and taste. 

Back then, I would settle for a local low acidic instant coffee (which made me gain weight) or during payday I would go for a Starbucks coffee since they offer decaf and also soy milk. Pandemic caught up and the visit to the coffee shop lessened and I would need to order through Grab, which costs me so much. 

Our little seating area with the coffee stand in the background

3 years ago, my husband and I, were thinking about what business to put up and we wanted to go into the food business since it was high earning. I planned out a mini café where we would offer quick hot meals, cookies and coffee but then the pandemic came along and that plan was placed on the shelf. 

We opted to start a mini business center, which our neighbors appreciated. Recently, my good friend The Super Momma, invited me to join the very popular Facebook group: Coffee Lovers Philippines and there I saw mobile coffee stands, pop up coffee stands, small coffee stands, side walk coffee stands and the stands in front of their houses. I was so inspired by their stories and adventures in coffee making. 

At this time, I already owned a personal coffee maker, coffee grinds, had a small home coffee nook and I just purchased a coffee espresso machine. Since we had a physical store, I thought to myself "why not share my love for coffee but putting up a small coffee stand?". 

In 3 weeks, I ordered my equipment and supplies online, watched YouTube videos to choose the equipment that would best suit my customers needs (quick but flavorful), searched on Google for recipes, do's and don'ts and brewing methods. I also asked my husband to help with the DIY of tables and sneeze guards. 

My brewing equipment

It was then that I decided to plan a Soft opening where I would offer only Hot brewed coffee to test the market in the neighborhood and see which brew is more saleable. I set my expectation that I most probably would have 0 sales and I should be fine since I know this is a passion project. I posted in community groups and advertised in our store. 

The day itself, I was nervous - I wanted to start as early as 5AM but I came from a work shift and woke up at 6AM instead. I wasn't sure I was ready to make coffee for others but I just mustered up the courage and told myself to create cups of coffee with love. My first brew was for my husband and I made a couple of complimentary cups for his relatives. 

In the morning, I placed outside a small table, 2 wood stools, dried flowers and a chalkboard signage. 

I made my first sale and then lunch time no customers, then a few inquiries where one even asked to take a photo (I was excited) and asked for an iced coffee but I did not have the ice nor the milk yet - He then, happily took a flyer. My husband encouraged me to offer the iced versions since people would look for it due to the weather. Good thing, I had the cups and I just needed to buy ice and milk. 

In the afternoon, I offered the iced versions - and a couple of more sales came in. I ended the day with a few orders but it exceeded my expectation of 0 sales. 

Passion, courage and optimism allowed me to start up this mini business. My budget was 5,000Php but I know I have gone over this, but it has made me happy to know that I can partially fulfill the café I always wanted. 

I love my gooseneck kettle with a built in thermometer

How do you start up your own little coffee business whether mobile, stand or pop up? Here are my tips below:

KNOW YOUR COFFEE. You need to be a coffee lover to run this. You have to understand the concept and the art behind the brewing. Your customers are going to be coffee lovers and not your instant coffee junkies. Know your brews, research and read. 

START SMALL. Don't go all out and buy the heavy commercial equipment as though you are trying to put Starbucks out of business. Manual brewing is nothing to be ashamed of and it is a wonderful way to express the art of making coffee. I had a friend who is interested to visit just because I have a pour over. You can always upgrade once the business is steady. 

LEARN THE DIFFERENT BREWING METHODS. This allows you to become flexible in how you offer your products. Understanding the small details, like water to coffee ratio, water temp, grinds goes a long way. It also will help you create your signature brew. 

SCOUT FOR SUPPLIERS. Look for the best deals and compare prices. Take the time to choose who you are comfortable with. Prices for beans alone are different depending on supplier and you need to make sure that you compare so that you can cost your offers which will be the best deal for you and your customer. 

I hope these tips will help you but if you have any more to share, please comment below. 

I would love to help you out if you are wanting to put up your own store by sharing my start list and the suppliers I purchased from (I constantly update the list with new discoveries) - if you are interested to receive a copy of the list, please leave your Instagram link below or send me a DM via


Kape'Nated is our small coffee pop stand that offers Crafted Coffee every Saturday from 6AM - 11AM and 3PM to 8PM. We are located at 40 D.Silang St, Project 4, QC. Coffee is available for pick up and Grab delivery for nearby areas. 

This article is also inspired by Sulok Café.  


Brew coffee with me for my Kape’Nated Coffee Pop Up Stand. ☕️##coffee

♬ death bed (coffee for your head) - Andrew Foy


  1. Waaah, you are living my dream!!!! Congratulations, Marie! I pray your business will prosper for you and your family. If i ever go to your location, remind me to drop by and have coffee.

  2. Ang galing mo Mamanee. Congratulations po sayo 😍

  3. Congratulations, sis! I am so happy and very proud of you! Yay may iced version na and pwede na ipa-Grab! woohoo! PM ako how to order this weekend.

  4. Congrats mamanees..more customer to come

  5. Congrats po mommy. More customer po sa coffee shop niyo po.