3 Main Tips to Make Moving Home, Hassle-Free

Moving to a new home can create a mix of emotions. You may be feeling excited about making a fresh start somewhere new but also anxious about the stress involved in a house move. Moving house is often considered to be one of life’s most stressful events, but luckily, there are ways you can reduce the stress involved with a house move. A hassle-free house move may take a little more planning before the event, but is worth the effort as it will make your move run so much smoother on the day. 

I find planning in advance lessens stress and the feeling of not having enough time especially when you are a parent. 

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Here are some tips to make moving a positive experience:

Find a Moving Company

Using a moving company will help to take a lot of hassle out of the act of moving house. Trying to do everything yourself can make moving to your new home even more stressful, both physically and mentally. Trying to move around heavy furniture and boxes without help could result in you getting injured, which you need to avoid. A professional moving firm will have the necessary experience and equipment to move your belongings carefully and safely, with minimal hassle for you.

Choosing the best moving company is essential. As you are trusting the movers with your possessions, you need to know they will be taken care of and can be relied on to transport everything to your new home. It is helpful to look at testimonials and ratings from past customers to help you pick the best movers.

Get Organized Early

Arranging to have all the packing materials you need well in advance of your move is vital to reducing stress levels. Allowing yourself plenty of time to pack will prevent any last-minute panic and enable you to pack your items carefully. While it will not be possible to pack everything weeks in advance, you could start with decorative items and things you do not use each day to give yourself a head start. 

Booking in with your moving company as soon as you have a date for your house move is also a wise idea. The best movers can get booked up pretty early, so it may be worth securing your booking as soon as you can.

Prepare the Kids    

While moving home is stressful for adults, it can also be unsettling for kids. If you have kids, you may want to make some preparations to help make the transition to living somewhere new as stress-free as possible. Talking to your kids about the move positively can help them feel ready for this change in their lives and should ease any anxiety they have about living in a different house and new neighborhood. If you can, it may also help show them the new home, so they can see their new bedroom and start making plans for how they want it to look. Getting the kids involved with the packing can also make them feel like they are helping to prepare for the move and feel a part of the process.

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