Easy Choco Frappe Recipe Made with Vitamilk

Who says you need to travel to enjoy the summer sun? I love being creative with my daughter and we love to bond during the summer afternoon in our tent on the roof deck. +

To give things a twist, I made her a refreshing Choco Frappe using Vitamilk Double Choco Shake! 

Definitely a healthy treat that #FillsGood and it’s super easy to make. 🙂 

Here’s the recipe I used to make this delicious Summer Choco Frappe:

1. Pour Vitamilk Choco Shake in a container and freeze, preferably overnight. 

2. Scoop the frozen Vitamilk into your prepared glasses. 

3. Add fruits of your choice (in our case, we used sliced bananas and strawberries). 

4. Top with whipped cream, then layer more fruits and garnish with choco chips. 

5. Serve right after and see their happy faces light up. 

With this refreshing drink, you will surely get to enjoy summer at home, and it will keep your kids strong and healthy since it is packed with protein, vitamins and minerals. 

What else are your favorite Vitamilk recipes? 

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