What To Give Your Mom on Mother's Day

Pre-pandemic, it was easy to express appreciation during Mother's Day - most would go on vacation, eat out and buy in malls. This year, even with a pandemic and while in quarantine you can still greet all the Supermoms that you know on Mother's Day, wherever they are to make them special. 

I like to consider myself as a Supermom, as I work a full time job from home as a Manager, run a weekend coffee shop and try to guide my husband and my kids. 

I honestly get tired at times, since all week it's a nine hour shift but ends up to be 12 hours and I really try to make time for my family. 

My husband never fails to surprise me every Mother's Day and he knows what makes me happy: Chocolate and a great cup of coffee. He even wrote me a touching note which made me feel so loved. This is the best surprise ever! Definitely a superb way to make my day better. I am so grateful to my husband who is always sentimental and sweet and to my kids who make me feel that all my hard work is for them.  

You should do the same for your dear Supermoms, by sending them a Toblerone Gift Pack with the limited edition of Mother's Days sleeves or blank packs, so that not only will it be sweet, but also thoughtful with your most heartwarming message from you. 

You can order online through Waltermart Online store here: https://bit.ly/2QqyIaj or look for them in your nearest groceries and supermarkets. 

Sending love and good health to all Supermoms on Mother's Day! You deserve it!

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