How To Order A Subway Wrap Online With Ease!

Cravings satisfied from the safety of my home. I ordered the New Subway Tortilla Wrap Roasted Chicken Breast flavor will all my favorite vegetables and made it into a meal, just by adding Php 85! 

When I was still working onsite and I wanted a hearty lunch without the guilt, Subway Philippines was always my go to resto. Now, I can sit in the safety of my home and order my fave Subway through Facebook messenger, just by going to their page or by clicking this link:

The process was pretty easy, all I needed to do was just to click on Get Started, and I was guided by the steps - it was so easy to use, checkout was a breeze and I also made the payment online using my Gcash, super duper convenient. 

A few minutes later my orders were dispatched to GrabFood, I received a tracking link and I got my order quickly. Thank you to Subway (Robinson's Galleria) for making my Subway wrap so fresh and delicious. 

Now, when you order - you need to try out the New Subway Tortilla wraps flavors: Tuna Wrap, Spicy Italian, Meatball Marina, and Roasted Chicken Breasts. These are all available in all SUBWAY branches for dine-in, Takeout, Delivery and GrabFood. 

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