How To Reduce Your Stress (Play A Game!)

I think being in quarantine for more than a year does have it downs and we have to admit that stress has heightened recently. There are so many ways that I have looked to at least take my mind off things that I worry about. 

When I was younger, I loved to play games on our Sega and Nintendo but as a mom you really don't get that luxury or even time anymore. I always look for something quick and easy and not so much time consuming - it's hard to not keep track of time when you are a mom and a full time worker. 

Photo by Tim Samuel from Pexels

I cam across and I was delighted to see that there were over 100 games to choose from. I was reminded when Facebook had a ton on games to play with and I used those games to pass the time when I was pregnant. Searching through the site - I finally found a category which excited me: Simulation Games! At first, I tried Open Restaurant but then I found Tap Supermarket and I got hooked! 

Time went by while I was playing Tap Supermarket since you need to keep up with the cute pear shaped customers and make sure that all the shelves were full of stocks - the game itself is cute in it's graphics but pretty easy to play. It also allows you to control how hard your want your game to be (by adding more shelves with stocks - it's hard to keep up with ordering stocks on time!). 

Look at those cute characters!

I also liked that I could go back to the game and continue my current play versus starting all over again - even though it is web based. 

I was not having an okay day yesterday but after playing Tap Supermarket, I felt that I could go at my day again for some funny reason. You can actually choose from different game categories from art, to education to Zombie! It's a pretty large selection to choose from. You can even check their newest games here:

Give yourself some me-time with these online games and it may help reduce your quarantine stress. 

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