Safecare Affordable Products to Keep Your Home Clean and Sanitized

cannot live without a bulk of cleaning products at home anymore. I also have purchased so many sanitization products for surfaces, furniture and rooms and I have to be honest that my cleaning habits have increased in being obsessive-compulsive especially that we are living with a pandemic. 

Given that these products do cost a lot, I always look around for options and I stumbled upon Safecare on the O-Superstore website. Safecare offers products from Anti-Bac Multisurface wipes to Isopropyl Alcohol - which are now essentials in the home. 

One of my faves is their Simply Clean Antibacterial Spray which smells like Lavender which is only 249Php for a 500ml bottle. Their other Simply Clean variants only start from 125Php for the same size. So, you can imagine the savings you can get with these products. 

Safecare also offers the following cleaning and sanitization products:

  • Safecare Bactofree 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (150ml) - 32Php
  • Safecare Bactofree Isopropyl Hand Sanitizer (500ml) - 99Php
  • Simply Clean Multipurpose Cleaner (500ml) - 125Php
  • Safecare Antibacterial Hand Soap - Fresh Green Apple (1L) - 100Php
  • Ecozone Anti-Bac Multisurface Wipes (40s) - 280Php
  • Stay Safe Surface Sanitizer Spray (300g) - 125Php

It’s okay to look around for alternatives, especially when you are needing to work on a budget. Go and check what other products I received in this video:

Check out O-Superstore now for the Safecare Products which is produced by Oleo-Fats Incorporated here: and use my 10% discount code on your first purchase: MARIEOSS

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  1. They're represent awesomeness and affordability! A perfect choice for us