Feeling a little off? Explore This Easy- to-Use Gaming Site for Moms Like Us

My week has been pretty hectic, work, bills, motherhood, wife things and small business. I felt stressed more than usual and I just need a break from all the worrying.

It’s a Saturday, while I write this and since it’s is my day off work, I would expect to get brain rest too but not at the level of a vegetable. I asked my husband to drive me to the donut store and to grab iced coffee (shame on me for not knowing how to drive yet) as it usually makes me feel good – but my brain was still cluttered.

As I sat in front of my computer, knowing I needed to work on marketing my small business – I just could not gather the creative energy to do so. I looked around for free online games – kind of missing the days when hand held games were a thing and didn’t involve stealing other peoples land, weapons or cars.

I found Solitaire.org and I was initially greeted with the classic Solitaire card game which I played for a couple of times – I liked how it was pretty much click and drag. Then, I saw that were other games in the navigation bar, so I decided to have a go at it too. It was nice to sit at the computer with my coffee and donut as I played without stress.

I tried out Letter Scramble – I think my brain was absolutely turned off as I could only really make up mostly three letter words HAHA – but it was surely a happy challenge to take a couple of rounds. The throw of each letter was fair enough and there was a challenge that you needed to use the letters as they covered while more letters are being tossed out to your screen. I am just glad that the words I put in was still correct even if the most number of letters I got to use was 6.

I wanted to know what other games I could play in the future – so I browsed a little more and saw matching games – found this cute matching game called Treasures of Atlantis which had two challenges, match the magical “spheres” and build the puzzle with the pieces that are within the spheres – so you would need to make a match so that the puzzles would fall out of the grid and into the puzzle card (what I am calling it). I got carried away since I was only supposed to check if the game was for my level but ended up playing four rounds!

Pretty glad I stumbled upon this site as it helped clear my mind for a couple of minutes before I head back into the reality of needing to market and earn more. We all need a quick break – and coffee with friends is not always a quick option.

Please do try out Solitaire.org, in case you need a mind declutter.

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