How To Start A Beauty Blog

The beauty industry in the Philippines is vibrant, and with a projected net worth of $4.6 billion in the next four years, there is so much to benefit from it. Starting a beauty blog is one way to enter the industry as countless people continue to look for ways to improve their appearance. Additionally, it could be the go-to site for relevant information on beauty products, from reviews to new releases and recommendations. Below are a few tips on how to be successful. 

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1. Find your niche

Beauty blogging is a vast industry, but you can break into the market by first finding your niche. What is the angle or perspective you want your beauty blog to take? How do you differentiate your blog from others in this competitive space? Admittedly, finding a niche for a beauty blog can be challenging, but experts say there is a way. First, do an introspection of the beauty topics that interest you most.

Additionally, research the market to identify peculiar beauty themes people find interesting and exciting. You can do this research via social media. Beauty blog themes like hair, nails, cosmetics, and fashion are abundant on the internet. Therefore, when you choose a generic theme like that, you may drown in the market. As a tip, go deeper to discover specific details about the above-mentioned topical areas. For example, if you're choosing hair, what is the most popular issue people deal with in their personal lives? Using this perspective, you can choose a topic like alopecia management and modern ways to seek cosmetic treatments. Although this topic falls under beauty, it is specific and still inclusive. 

2. Choose your blog name

One thing you may have noticed about beauty blog names is their catchy nature. Some bloggers use their real names or nicknames to help identify the blog. The advantage of using your real name is its convenience to associate you with the site. This is particularly useful when you have active social media accounts and need your audience to find you easily. The disadvantage here, though, is that you may not be the only person in the world with that name.

Therefore, when your audience types your name into a search engine, other people with the same or similar names will show up on the result screen. Therefore, a unique blog name may be ideal. Usually, the best beauty blog names use alliteration, acronyms, common sayings, or a focus keyword. A great deal of creativity is needed to develop a memorable blog name. While it's not easy to do this at the drop of a hat, you will benefit greatly from one that captures attention. When you choose your blog name, it is important to ensure a domain name is available. That will be discussed in detail in subsequent paragraphs.

3 Choose a suitable website platform

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Experienced bloggers say WordPress is an ideal website platform to use for a blog. As a host site, it is user-friendly, suitable for beginners, and built with excellent features for a beauty blog. More importantly, WordPress is easy to set up and allows a blogger to choose between templates. Some templates are free, and others are paid, but both offer excellent platforms to get your blog off the ground. In choosing your template, it is worth noting that the accessibility and easy navigation attracts blog readers. Any complexity increases the risk of losing your potential fanbase. If you are unsure what template to use on WordPress, Template Monster is great for exploring available choices.

Philippine's mobile and smartphone penetration rate stands at 72.1% - an excellent percentage making it vital to create a mobile-friendly website. Statistics indicate that many Filipinos access blogs on tablets and smartphones rather than on the computer. This information gives you more than enough reason to make your beauty blog hosting platform mobile-friendly. As a tip, remember to set up the design to adjust to different screen sizes. As you choose your website platform, it is crucial to link it with an identifiable email. Usually, the email must have an element of the blog name to look more professional. If you’re looking for the best email to use, consider extension support like Gmail, iCloud, or Outlook. There are many more to explore.

4. Plan your content

Before you go live with your beauty blog, it is vital to plan your content. Activating the site is not recommended when you have not done any content planning and drafting. It is better to have ample content under all categories on the blog. You increase the risk of losing potential readers when most of your blog categories are empty.

Furthermore, there will be less pressure to post new content regularly when the blog goes live. The advantage of a blogging schedule is the flexibility it offers to space out article posting. Moreover, you have a greater chance of posting well-researched articles before going live. Rushed articles usually have less value to readers. In planning your content, it would be best to be abreast with trends in the beauty blogging industry. New product releases and honest reviews must feature in your content planning. Apart from the fun, your blog needs to make money too.

5. Purchase hosting and a domain name

As point two mentions, a domain name is vital to your beauty blog. And because it is the Philippines, you will need to register for dot PH domain names if that is available. It makes it easy for search engines to classify your blog and where it's based. Meanwhile, it is not cast in stone to go for dot PH domain names at all costs. The hosting and domain prices vary depending on where you register.

These tips are the fundamentals that will help you get off the ground with beauty blogging. For more awareness of your blog, consider creating video tutorials on any beauty topic that will drive traffic to your site. You will need the traffic in the first year of commencement.

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