What is A Junk Journal?

Since the pandemic hit, a lot of people started to look around for hobbies that could pass the time and keep them sane while confined in their homes as we were restricted to leave our homes freely. Others found love in growing plants, brewing their own coffee, and journaling (I have done all of these). 

We saw a rise in the journaling community especially when mental health issues started to rise and there was a need to find a quick escape from the world and to express emotions. I found a lot of solitude in this community and a lot of shopping "needs" - there were junk journal kits, delicate stamps (that could seemingly represent on how you should pay off your bills), Washi tapes, sticker flakes and I could go on. 

Image by Anna Dyshel from Pixabay

I was fond enough to develop a couple of friendships through this new found hobby and I could never forget seeing the posts of Amaris Journals - I instantly became a fan because her style was unique and every piece she made was surely art. Her Instagram feed is like a treasure trove of vintage art that just brings your back in time of the Victorian and Regency Era. That excitement of going through something vintage just really takes my roots of being British (at heart). 

With her influence, I learned about Junk Journals, which is also popularly known as Scrap Books - what was amazing about it, is that there is a whole world of art in Junk Journaling and endless possibilities in themes. After watching a couple of YouTube videos and exploring the wonderful Facebook Group: Junk Journal Central - I decided to embark on an adventure of making my own Junk Journal. 

My first was a mini sized - whatever goes theme (in other words there was no theme) and I stuck to colors that were muted, I used scraps and any available material I had on hand. Surprisingly, I completed my first ever project in 1 day. Now, I wanted to see if my creation would spark interest, so I dared to offer to sell it and I was surprised with the many that were interested. 

This led to customized orders and I initially had my heart set to making only those in Mini or Passport size but then there was a request for a full sized Harry Potter theme and I just could not pass up on the opportunity as I was a closet Harry Potter fan. After this project, my calendar started to get filled out with various themes and happy challenges. 

I have now fell down the rabbit hole of making Junk Journals but my heart is happy every time. 

Now, let me answer your question - What is a Junk Journal? Basically, from the word "Junk", it is a journal where you collect your most valuable junk. If you ever had a scrapbook, you would stick all your memorabilia and valuable photos, sometimes write a note to remind you why that memorabilia is so significant. 

In general, a Junk Journal should be made with available materials that you would usually see lying around your home, like magazines, newspaper, cereal boxes, receipts, paper bags any other material that can make up pages and a cover. 

The beauty of creating a Junk Journal is that there are NO RULES, but I have seen others being a little sensitive towards Junk Journals being created from digital prints found on Etsy, but again this is entirely up to you as sometimes the digital prints allow you to create a cohesive them like a Beekeeper's theme, a Fairytale theme, a Witch theme and so on. 

Do not be intimidated about starting a Junk Journal as this is not about perfection but bringing joy to the love of crafting. I have met a couple of clients that only have the Junk Journal as something to look at versus actually writing in it. 

I'll share more about this craft that I have grown to love in this blog soon. :) 

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