3 Reasons Why You Need to Join TCM’s Christmas Craft Day

We saw a lot of negative and draining things happening since we went into a pandemic. I, on the other hand had an opportunity to rekindle something close to my heart. When I was still in Secondary School in the UK, my favorite classes was Art, Sewing and Wood Craft. I didn’t know I would be able to utilize these skills learned in a now small online business and a way to cope with my mental health. 

Crafting is an amazing way to destress and as a chosen mindful activity, not only do I get to ground myself - I also get to create beautiful things. 

These are the projects that were taught during the 3-day Christmas Craft Day.

I was so lucky to be introduced to The Crafter’s Marketplace (TCM) by Kathy Balmores Ngo of Life is Kulayful Blog - since then I have been hooked on the events, classes and learnings coming from the TCM’s Community. 

TCM recently concluded their Christmas Craft Day 2022, and I attended all classes to make sure I learn. Not one minute is wasted with their events. I am also so happy to see and meet wonderful members of the TCM Community who create beautiful paper crafts which, you can eventually use in a personalized Card Making business. 

Okay - I have said so much because I am blabbing with excitement as I compose this blog. Sharing with you my 3 reasons, why YOU NEED to join the next Christmas Craft Day:

1. The Teachers 

The teachers of the TCM Community are serious crafters and these are individuals who have been doing paper crafting for years. You are learning from the experts whose techniques are proven since they also collaborate with international brands as part of design teams and they also have their own paper crafting businesses. 

The lessons they teach in their classes are prepared and they are easy to follow along even if it’s your first time. They do not hold back on the information to share and willingly answer questions even about what they use. Not many teachers can be this generous and not feel intimidated.

Because of these teachers, I have understood how to use my tools better and also the importance of investing in good quality craft tools. By the way, they also have amazing sense of humour that we (ahem, think Gen X mother) can relate to.

2. Increasing Your Creative Output

I have been making Junk Journals for almost a year now, but even with the numerous online videos I have watched - I thought I would have all the great ideas on paper crafting. My experience with attending the classes and producing the output has been so enlightening for me and it is so easy to incorporate in what I do. When I attended my first class - I added my output to a junk journal giving a different angle to creativity I thought I had - there was actually more to discover. 

I have been so eager to produce more - as the finished projects are are all so PRETTY!

3. The GRAND Craft kit! 

Okay - absolutely for the win, hands down, the kits that The Crafters Marketplace Produces is unbelievable. There is so much love when putting the kits together. The inclusions are all of high quality and not items you can easily get hold off. You know as you unpack that all inclusions were carefully thought of. You need to see my unboxing video on TikTok as it will surely speak for itself. 

Here’s the thing, if you are looking for me time, and something to keep you busy when you are most stressed - follow The Crafters Marketplace on all their Social Media Channels, look out for the announcement for their classes, sign up, receive your kit and join in the fun. 

It’s the best investment you can do for yourself. 

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