Why You Should Sign Up for Crafting Sessions with The Crafters Marketplace

In a time where everyone is starting to adjust to this new normal, we are all looking for a place of peace, other than with the need to travel. I find my solitude in crafting - at times where I feel a sense of loss, crafting gives me a way to ground.

The Crafters Marketplace sets up Craft Therapy Zoom sessions on weekends to allow crafters to come together, learn and talk about the love of arts and crafts. I had the privilege to be invited last September 17 and 18 to their Craft Therapy Zoom Session. I am happy that I gave time since I learned a lot and new craft styles from popular artists. 

Day 1 was facilitated by Mitch Hildawa, Januz Zate, Leah Que, Veve Basbas and Ian de Jesus. While Day 2 was with Master Richard Huang and Nayz Dela Cruz.

What I loved about the sessions, is that I ended with learning something new that I could utilize in my junk journals and also for gifting. I could definitely say it was worth with the kits that it comes along with since the kits have high quality inclusions. 

You can see what I created based on the session here: 

Although, the crafting was more for creating cards, it still was something I learned a lot from and using my current stash creatively like the silicon stamps that I have. Which I considered to be limited to just stamping when I could also make ephemera’s in a creative way. They taught how to use your on hand materials which you did not think that was possible - like whoever thought that Crayola Markers could be used to actually paint? 

I would surely would want to join again and learn more. If you are interested to join their craft sessions, make sure you follow their Facebook Page here: https://facebook.com/craftersmarketplacemanila/ and join their community here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tcmcrafties

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