The New Industry Changing Scanner

The innovative Fujitsu fi-8000 series empowers enterprises with high-volume scanning and advanced document imaging technology. Find out how scanners such as the fi-8170 are poised to transform digitization projects across a wide range of industries. With advanced features such as Clear Image Capture Technology, advanced connectivity and distributed capture, the fi-8000 series is changing expectations about imaging.

Industry Leading Image Quality

The fi-8170 scanner has an optical resolution of 600 dots per inch and an adjustable output resolution of 50 dpi to 600 dpi or 1,200 dpi with the driver. Contact image sensors in front and back and red, blue and green light-emitting diodes enable this document scanner to capture the high-quality images. Scanning in documents and booklets is easy with a model that has manual feed mode with settings up to 7 millimeters and Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection to prevent damage during image capture.

Scanners in the fi-8000 series perform at industry-leading levels by pairing advanced hardware with hardware features, drivers and software. Clear Image Capture technology enables these devices to precisely scan documents and images for more accurate Optical Character Recognition. These systems rely on 32 pending patents to deliver an unprecedented level of imaging performance.

Collaborative And Efficient

Scanners in the fi-8000 series also have innovative collaboration and networking features. Connectivity options for these models include USB connections to a computer and server-based software for distributed capture. Enterprises can use PaperStream NX Manager 2.0 to operate up to 1,000 scanners without having to connect each device directly to a computer. Integration with cutting-edge document management systems offers support for on-premise storage as well as uploads and private or public cloud-based storage. 

Advanced detection features such as automated separation control, document protection, multi-feed support and overscan control keep scanners running with minimal intervention. No matter how many scanners an enterprise uses for imaging, the fi-8000 series offers the most flexible integration support and features to maximize productivity.

Advanced Imaging Software

Platforms that support scanning play an important role in expanding the capabilities and features of hardware. Whether an enterprise plans to invest in a large format 11x17 scanner or a more compact model, it is important to set up scanners to work with software that utilizes advanced imaging functions. High volume document scanners with quantity optimization are also a popular choice for enterprise applications.

Enterprises that plan to invest in and run numerous scanners simultaneously should look into server-based software such as NX Manager 2.0. Other proprietary imaging platforms can provide cloud integration, data management and wireless connectivity solutions for scanners in the fi-8000 series. The fi-8170 includes the PaperStream IP Driver, WIA Driver and Image Scanner Drivers for other operating systems as well as PaperStream Capture, PaperStream ClickScan, ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap™ and scanner support software.

Professionals who scan documents on a regular basis should consider the advantages of upgrading to scanners in the fi-8000 series. A combination of advanced image capture technology, high-volume capacity, advanced connectivity options and user-friendly software set these scanners apart from the competition.

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