Wellements Child-Friendly Holiday Activities To Boost Immunity

Who doesn't love the holiday season? Despite the amount of joy the season brings, it is also prime sniffle season. Parents like to prepare for the colder weather by trying to find an immune booster for kids. The booster may be a supplement or exercise. Ultimately, parents just want their little ones to be happy and healthy, especially during the holiday. Thankfully, you can boost your little one's immune system by taking part in some fun holiday activities.

1. Making a Kid-Friendly, Healthy Meal

Food is one of the best things about the holidays. Families gather around tables to share a meal and reminisce. No one said the meal has to be umpteen courses or doused in gravy. You can enjoy a healthy holiday meal, and you can even get your children excited about it.

Let your children take part in the planning and preparing of the meal. If your little ones take part in making dinner, they will want to devour every last morsel, especially the items they contributed to.

2. Exercise as a Family

If you are looking for a natural immune booster, look no further than exercise. Physical activity encourages your body to function as it is meant to. Thankfully, beneficial exercise doesn't have to be going to a gym to pump out one hundred crunches or deadlifts.

An excellent family exercise can be something as simple as taking a walk. While it might be a little too cold to walk outside, you could go to your local mall and do some holiday shopping or visit the local Santa Claus.

3. Take Vitamins and Dietary Supplements

While not exactly a holiday activity, taking dietary supplements is an excellent way to ensure you and your little ones receive all essential vitamins and minerals. If you have a baby, the Wellements baby bundle offers all the vitamins, oils, balms, and supplements you could want.

The company also offers child supplements to ensure your little ones remain healthy and happy all season long. However, in fairness, your family should be taking nutritional supplements all year, not just during the holiday. If your family regularly takes vitamins, it nourishes its immune systems all year.

4. Practice Mindfulness and Gratitude

You may not realize it, but mindfulness can improve mental health and, in turn, boost the immune system. It is sad, but even children face high levels of stress, which increases cortisol production in the body. Too much cortisol can cause digestive issues and stomachaches and weaken the immune system. Learning to meditate and live in the moment can lower cortisol levels.

One mindfulness exercise that suits the spirit of the holiday season is gratitude. Taking time each day to think of the things and people in life that you are grateful for can improve happiness and reduce stress.

Every parent wants to ensure their children are healthy and happy this holiday season. It is possible to boost their immune system with nutritious meals, exercise, supplements, and mindfulness. Talk to a child nutrition specialist to learn more.

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