Event| 3M and Good Housekeeping's "Get Hooked on DIY"

I am a DIY fan, I wish I was a DIY freak though, meaning that every idea I could actually materialize. Hohum. When, I heard that the pretty members of Mommy Bloggers Philippines was invited to attend the Good Housekeeping and 3M “Get Hooked on DIY” event, I immediately signed up! 
I have always wanted to design my own room, and since the hubby and I are doing some renovations, I’m excited because I will get the chance to do so soon.

I love that we were sent samples of 3M’s adhesive hooks, hanging things on the walls has been a pain since I really hate using nails and a hammer because I always end up with a sore thumb. L
The event featured the Command Damage Free Hanging solutions from 3M, this was to help empower moms with the easy task of DIY and home improvement.  I was awestricken when I saw Angel Jacob as the host of the event, she is truly one of my idols, and I felt like a high school girl!
Not only that we had the expertise of Coni Tejada, who gave us tips on home improvement, space management and organization. I loved the ideas that she showed us and how jolly she was during the discussion, she ended her workshop with our own Sally Abella-Yu joining the memory game.
Coni Tejada and our very own Mommy Bloggers Philippines Sally Abella-Yu. 
The most anticipated part of the event was the introduction of 3M’s Command Damage-Free Hanging Solutions ambassadors Doug, Chesca and Kendra Kramer of #TeamKramer. It turns out to be that while Doug is more of the cook, Chesca loves to decorate, and Kendra loves to retouch her make-up! We loved the Kendra was so lively and she even gave us a dance before the photo op with the inspiring family.

The event was very short and sweet and I learned so much, definitely a lot of ideas to take home. 3M has 7 product categories covering every part of the home, (Decorative, Multi-use, Home, and Office Organizers, Cord Management, Picture Hanging Systems, Replacement Strips and Bathroom Solutions), Command has the full range of smart solutions for every occasion. No more damage to your walls while decorating!
The lucky event participants that won raffle prizes! 

My little twin stars: The Bossing and Dumpling after the show hehe. 

P.S. Thank you to the wonderful mommies I had met at the event, Jen, Nerissa, Lally, Sally and Camille. Can't wait to share more events with you! 
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For 50 years now, 3M Philippines captures the spark of new ideas and transforms them into thousandsof ingenious products. The company’s culture of creative collaboration inspires a never-ending stream of powerful technologies that make life better.
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  1. I'm not a DIYer neither. I'm starting to organize our house too and it takes a lot of encouragement to do it. Looks like this event was full of fun!

  2. I love 3M products. I also use command hook if I need to hang some stuff. :)

  3. I was really hoping to join this event. But I wasn't available that day. I'm a sucker for organizing tools. I'm such an OC. Haha!

  4. Saw you here. Inlearned a lot too and team kramer's such an adorable family

  5. I love 3m. Our house is actually full of command hooks.

  6. I was planning to meet Summit Media friends there and hopefully any of you but ended up doing errands for my little boy that I was not able to catch up. Mommy duties! I'm sure it was just as fun as the previous DIY event with 3M

  7. I love DIYs too! This looks like a really fun event.

  8. Oh gosh I have so many ideas in mind, but when I try them out it is just not what I have in mind. Oh so frustrating.

  9. I'm a DIY newbie! This event looked like a lot of funo!

  10. I was at the event as well and I love the things that Command hooks can do to organize homes.