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As I write this, tears are welling up. I am looking at the photos of my journey through Mrs. Philippines-Globe 2014 and all the comments that I my dear friends have left me on a photo or status that I have posted recenty in connection to the pageant. 

It has not been a easy journey, most would think it's a glamorous journey but it is everything but glamourous. 

I have had to attend almost all pre-pageant activities and rehearsals with no-sleep at all coming off a night shift. I have been commuting through dust, crowds and heat via MRT, jeepeney's and long walks along Ayala avenue. 

Now as I contemplate on today's most vital part of the competition which is the pre-judging to pick the Top 12, I ask myself why am I a part of this?

I have never seen myself as exceptionally beautiful or perfect but joining this pageant has made me realize that I should and that I am. I should take stand in my passion which is to share and inspire and to continue my dream to touch other mother's lives I must fight for this and challenge myself. No, this isn't just for fun, this is me standing up and saying that I can. 

I am eternally grateful for those that have encouraged and supported me from day one. I have cried several times with reading PM's and comments from friends, and even my co-candidates. 

God has placed me in this pageant for a reason and I know he has a great plan for me. Whatever it may be, I shall follow his will. 

The sacrifies that I have made as an employee, friend and mother are mere steppings stones to something bigger. 

And I am glad that I can take you along this journey. 

If you know that you have something you are wanting to do to empower yourself as  a woman, step up and throw away your inhibitions life is too short to say no and "I can't."

Give yourself that feeling of accomplishment because if you never take that extra step you will never know what it will be like to experience what you have alwas wanted. 

As Dr. Tracy Kemble says Empowerment is S.E.X.Y. And we as women should embrace that inner S.E.X.Y!

Ms. Carla Cabrera-Quimpo's statement will always ring in my ear: "What is your passion? Find that passion and OWN it!"

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  1. congratulations in advance mommy! ♥♥♥

  2. hi marie! thanks for the mention. :)

    though we hardly know each other, i really went out of my way to help you because i admire people who are behind causes for the less-privileged.

    anyway, break a leg on that pageant of yours. kayang-kaya yan! :)

  3. Wishing you the best of everything come pageant night. You are indeed a beautiful wife and mom.

  4. Wishing you the best come pageant night. You are indeed a beautiful wife and mom.

  5. What a perfect timing for me reading this post about empowerment. Thank you for the early morning inspirations. :)

    Mars M.