Event| BDJ Box Soiree: Power Nails with Revlon

I am full of Kikaynes! Which is a filipinoism for a girl who is in love with girly stuff. Yes, I love make-up, accessories, frilly dresses, pink and nail polish.

I was too thrilled when I scored an invite to the BDJ Box Soiree series entitled Power Nails. This was a nail art workshop that was to be conducted by the nail art diva herself Nicole Romero of the blog Beauty and Sparkle. 

Giddy giddy me! If you have been reading my older posts, you would know that I am so not a fan of travelling to Makati City, but what's a girl got to do if her inner kikay self is calling out? 

Off I went to get to Conti's in Greenbelt 2, in Makati's main shopping district. I kinda got a little lost (thank God I am 'the ask directions from a compete stranger' type) but I was so happy to have finally see the BDJ Box banners leading to the function room of Conti's. 

Although they kinda failed of having my name on the list, I was still able to get in with the confirmation of BDJ's Leah that I was invited. Food was served and after a few minutes our loot bags were distributed and I was over the moon!! 

I got to take these home!

Nicole Romero gave us a talk on proper nail grooming and how to do nail art, things I learned from the vibrant and uber pretty Nicole (so sorry, I am such a fan girl): 

We were going to use the polishes in the loot bag for the workshop and were handed tools to use for our nail craft. 

With the very gorgeous Nicole Romero

Off we started with our quest to create nail art! And I was really happy to see the other ladies creations which was posted on Instagram during the event. These ladies won a Revlon Blush Powder for doing a great job! 

We also had the opportunity to test out Revlon's Perfumed Nail Polish, and true to it's word, you get this wonderful scent once it dries on your nails. I was able to try out 3 colors of the line on my gradient nails. Even after washing dishes and taking a shower the scent is still there! 

My favorite nail polish also was the Matte series, I so love the look and it made my nails look rich hahaha. 

These BDJ Beauty Soiree events are really so worth the deal, you get to meet other BDJ Box enthusiasts as well as learn something new. 

My nail buddy for the day, Kristel.

I went home with a happy kikay heart and cute nails. Congratualtions BDJ Team, Nicole Romero and Revlon PH! 

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Disclaimer: Due to the fact I was bright enough to leave my phone at home the photos used here do not belong to me except for the photos of with my watermark. Thank you Kristel for the awesome photos. No copyright infringement intended. All credits go to the owner of the photos. 


  1. Look at those lovely nails! I can hear my hands screaming, "we need a manicure!!!"LOL! I wish I had the talent (and patience!) to make those. Ganda!!

    1. Hahaha thanks sis! Don't worry my nails scream the same. This is the first manicure after 3 weeks. Lol

  2. I think I have done my nails a great disservice for so many years already. I scrape my nails with a metal nail pusher, I don't know what a base coat is and I never moisturize. My nails are lucky if they get a trim once a week. Soo bad at this! LOL

    1. Well Jhanis, you can count me in. I have a metal pusher too and I hardly moisturize. :( It's hard to keep up when you got kids. :)