Wanna See My Little Pony and Transformer's Live in Your Room?

I am not kidding you with that question! Digital technology has come a long way and there are so many ways to keep your kids entertained. If you are a book advocate like myself, then you are wanting most likely to control the tablet or computer time and try to have the kids to stick to books.

But what if you could combine both? Like at the same time? Are you nodding your head right now? Hihi. It's so possible because Scholastic has come up with Augmented Reality Books which combines a computer generated image with the real world.


Your kid will get to experience the magic of books along with the digital app to help My Little Pony and Transformers come to life.

The little lass and I put the app and books to the test, seeing if this new way to enjoy books is a new version of digital fun with learning.

The first thing you want to do is to download the app AR Guide app for My Little Pony (itunes | Google Play Store) or Transformers (itunes Google Play Storedepending on which book you have from either itunes or Google Play store then get ready for an AR experience!

The book is colorful with many illustrations and it walks your kid through an adventure with the guide to meet the characters by scanning one section of a page.

Then you get to see the AR characters come to life! Being the My Little Pony fan that my little lass is we had a few adventures with the My Little Pony gang and we also took the Transformers characters for a test ride.

My Little Pony AR

Transformers AR

The AR guide App will not work without the book so you really need to have them hand-in-hand to experience the AR characters come to life which really makes the purpose of engaging your kids to books easier.

The AR guide App also has the capability to allow your kids to customize characters to your delight.

My Little Pony AR

Transformers AR

We also loved how colorful the pages were and you can see them with watching our live video for our first look at these books:

So here are my thoughts for the Scholastic AR Books:

What We Liked:
  • Colorful pages and illustrations
  • Hardbound, makes the book sturdy
  • App availability both on Apple and Android devices 
  • AR characters - makes my little lass shrill with delight!

What could have been better:
  • The AR characters may go missing when you move the phone.
  • Customization of the My Little Pony characters is limited to block colors.

I think that this is a great idea to combine two ways of learning with fun for your kids. The book helps the kids to read while the app spurs creativity in the mind. As a parent though, I would definitely suggest that you still guide your child while using the book and app to maximize their experience and benefit. 

Scholastic Augmented Reality Books

Know more about Scholastic Books here.

You can also visit Scholastic Asia's Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.


  1. OMG! My daughter LOVES My Little Pony! She'd be thrilled to have this!!! Thanks for sharing Marie!

    1. I can so remember that Halloween event when she dressed up as a My Little Pony character hihi. She'll love this book kase may life size pony pa na AR.

  2. It's so nice that there are new innovations like these to help moms of today. Interactive kaya it catches the attention of little kids.

  3. this is an good opportunity for children to learn. will reco this to my nephews and nieces :)

    1. Yes, really covers the digital learning and reading. :)

  4. Little Kulit love transformer before or anytime na he like to play with it. I will introduce this one to him :-)

  5. That's a real upgrade for book lovers! Ang cool! Nung panahon ko wala pang ebooks and apps. Kids nowadays are lucky!
    I joined your giveaway :) My sons will love the Transformers book.

  6. Wow that't awesome. My son loves transformers and he'll be thrilled to have one of these! Thanks for sharing. He's with me right now and currently playing the video for him!

  7. Cool books! Those are interactive for our kids. I actually tried a different toy book that needs an installation of the App but this one is more educational I guess.

  8. super cute! my girls are huge fans of my little pony. How much is the book pala? Thank you for answering!

  9. Cool gift idea! My son is not into Transformers or robots in general but I'm sure he'll find this very awesome!