Tinta ng Pak, Awra! | Gel Liptint Review

I recently (late bloomer!) found out how useful and reliable lip and cheek tints are especially when I am at work and retouches are a challenge. 

At times I notice, that at the middle part of my shift - lipstick and the blush on my cheeks is gone. So, I need to re-touch before going to meetings or meeting with clients on site. 

Pak, Awra!

I have been using a regular liquid based lip tint and I love the effect on my cheeks - especially for the drunk blush look. 

Recently, Pak Awra sent me 2 samples of their Gel Liptint called Tinta. So, out of my ignorance I had no idea what the difference of a Gel based versus a water based lip tint. Good thing, Pak Awra educated me on how to prep the product - which of course I will share with you. 

Two shades were sent to me - Nagmamaganda and Kyat Kyat. Nagmamaganda is a Red pigment with a pink undertone while Kyat Kyat was the popular Korean shade of Orange leaning towards a red undertone. 

Pak, Awra!

I tested both and used it on my lips without retouching for an entire shift. I found myself leaning towards Nagmamaganda as a fave out of the two shades mainly because it stayed on until I on until I got home after my shift and the color suited me well. Kyat Kyat on the other hand was definitely more wearable when worn gradient for me. 

As a Gel liptint, I found out that for me it was better with application and it did not bleed unlike the liquid based Liptint, in my opinion though - it did not work well on my cheeks since I found it a little too hard to blend after foundation (which is my common practice when using cheek tints).

What I loved is the true to claim, no bitter after taste and it smelled like Bazooka Bubblegum! 

Overall, it's affordability it's super worth it at 150Php pero tube and it comes sealed, which assures you of it being safe when it gets to you - it's the first Liptint of many that I have bought that is actually sealed. 

Thumbs up for the Nagmamagandang Shade and the Kyat Kyat shade is definitely for those that would prefer a more subtle Korean Gradient look. 

So how do you use the Gel liptints? 
1. Prep your lips - clean of dry skin, by brushing your lips or use a lip scrub followed by lip balm, then wipe off the excess lip balm before applying the tint. 

2. SHAKE THE BOTTLE - this is what I didn't know you had to do. HAHA. Shake it first before applying so that formula is ready for application. When I didn't do this, the tint was sticky, after shaking - the stickiness had lessen and dried to matte. 

3. A Lip tint hack - if you don't feel the gradient look, then pat your lips with loose powder before applying the lip tint :) Works wonders!

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  1. Love ko tlga Liptint. Ganda ng shades nila