The Mini Lass' Birthday In Quarantine

Every year, I have always planned how to celebrate the mini-lass' birthday. But, this year would be totally different since we all know that we have been in quarantine since March 2020. 

I always would plan every year what to do for her birthday to make sure it will always be memorable and being in quarantine gave us more time to think of a theme. Last year, we invited her neighborhood playmates over for food and games which they had fun with, so this year since that wouldn't be possible - we decided to create a theme instead. 

This year since we had rehabilitated the roof deck, we wanted to elevate it little more by adding a tent but with a little twist as we were inspired by these "cute large" tents in a local eatery. My husband and I built a tent totally DIY. We decided on a home-based camping theme.

Then, I planned a Virtual Candle blowing with a few close friends and family members, ordered  a few decorations and a cute unicorn cake. I started to decorate early in the morning and get everyone ready at 3PM. We also bought a mini Bluetooth Speaker with a mike for some home karaoke.

My mini lass wore a cute t-shirt dress, and l placed her hair in a half up pair of space buns which she refused to take down the next day, HAHA. 

The birthday kicked off with the virtual candle blowing which we hosted in an FB Room. 

We then put out a barbeque with chicken legs and some home made burger patties, then spaghetti which was the request of the birthday girl (I failed to take photos). 

The highlight of the food (for kids) was s'mores with our fire pit (will share a tutorial soon), which we did in the evening while relaxing with Karaoke and which also capped off our day or night. 

How have you spent your kids birthday this quarantine year? I would love to hear your stories!

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